Company Law / Commercial Law

Managed By: Leone Genis

As part of our extensive legal service range, we at Etienne Genis Attorneys also assist clients with a wide variety of services relating to commercial and company law requirements. Our corporate lawyers are qualified and have in-depth experience on the diverse entities and regulations that make up South Africa’s laws around businesses.

Some of the key skills of an effective corporate lawyer include an understanding of business management and transactions, and of course, knowledge and experience in the relevant sections of the law. Clients can rest assured that our team of attorneys are well equipped to deal with a range of company and commercial law requirements, and we can confidently say that we possess the required skillset.

It is our aim to assist our clients as best possible and to assure a positive outcome. Some of our services include registering a company, close corporation, non-profit companies and trusts, on behalf of our clients.

Commercial law is another legal field that we at Etienne Genis Attorneys specialise in. Also referred to as business law, corporate law or mercantile law, this field of law applies to the rights, relations and behaviour of companies engaged in any kind of trade – be it commercial merchandising or sales. Our team offers expert advice to companies to ensure that both them and their consumers are protected.

Key skills of a proficient commercial lawyer include an in-depth understanding of business and business transactions, along with insight of how these factors intertwine in the scope of South African business in general. More importantly, you want to be sure that the commercial lawyer working on your case knows and understands company law, including the New Companies Act, the Competition Action, the Consumer Protection Act as well as a working knowledge of the different types of business entities that exist in our country.

Clients can rest assured that our team members focusing on commercial law are experienced and have an excellent understanding of South Africa’s Business Law and all matters pertaining to it.

Our services include the complete project management of any commercial legal transactions required by a client. Clients can count on us for sound advice and professional solutions – provided within budget and in line with any stipulated deadlines. With years of experience in the industry, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to assist a company with their legal matters. We therefore endeavour to provide each client with a professional, tailor- made solution that will benefit their specific case.

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