Why Us

Attorneys in Melkbosstrand who have your best interests at heart

When we speak about the two decades of experience that we have in the legal field, we know that there are many other law firms that have the same and more. What really sets us apart is the fact that our experience is broad enough to cover 8 major service areas, enabling us to deliver a truly comprehensive service that meets all your legal needs with skill and dedication.

Whatever the circumstances of a case may be, we go above and beyond to ensure the most favourable outcome possible. There is no project too big or case too small for our hardworking team of legal professionals, who you can trust to have your best interests at heart at all times. We may be a small firm, but we are a force to be reckoned with!

Is there such a thing as a “right” attorney?

A few qualities to look out for when you are in the market for a lawyer:

1. Specialisation

Let’s say you wanted to treat yourself to a really good steak for dinner. Where do you think you would find the better steak – in a restaurant that happens to have steak on their menu, or a restaurant that has dedicated themselves to serving only steak and nothing else? In law as in steak, specialisation ensures the in-depth knowledge required to ensure the best results. When choosing a lawyer to handle a matter for you, make sure that you choose someone who not only practices the field of law you require, but specialises in it. 

The good news: each member of the EGA legal team is a specialist with years of experience dedicated to their particular field. This makes partnering with EGA for all your legal needs the smart choice, because no matter which area of the law you need assistance in, you will be served by an expert in the field.

2. Communication skills

Good communication skills determine whether or not your attorney is keeping you up to date of all the changes in your matter as they occur. If your attorney is not giving you regular updates but instead waiting for you to follow up with them before relaying information, you may have to rethink your choices. Good attorneys deliver progress reports at regular intervals and respect your right to know how your matter is progressing at all times. 

The good news: progress reports are the norm at EGA, regardless of which department assists you. We see updates as a vital component of our service to you and would rather overshare information than put you in a position where you need to follow up with us. 

3. Reliability

When you are sharing personal and proprietary information, you need to know that your attorney is committed to confidentiality in all aspects of your matter. Our pro tip: if a lawyer openly discusses the details of another client’s case with you, they are not serious about confidentiality and will most likely discuss you and your case with others. 

The good news: at EGA, confidentiality is our badge of honour. We treat our clients’ sensitive personal information with the utmost respect in order to uphold our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy firm.

4. Reputation

Speaking of reputations, it’s probably not a bad idea to find out if your lawyer has one. Ask around in legal circles and you will soon find out if your attorney of choice has a reputation that precedes them. You can also ask for references from previous clients before you commit to a law firm. Remember, a lawyer’s reputation is only as good as their last satisfied client!

The good news: our reputation for success and excellent customer service will give you complete peace of mind. We will happily supply as many references as you need in order to feel secure enough to choose us. 

The blue diamond standard

The EGA blue diamond logo was inspired by the multiple facets that make up this rare and precious stone. Inspired by the characteristics of the blue diamond, we hold ourselves accountable to the following values in everything we do:


We don’t settle for mediocre service or solutions when only the best will do.


we think outside of the box to come up with innovative solutions to whatever challenges we are presented with.

Exceptional service

above and beyond is our service standard.


our expertise and dedication to your matter ensure that you are receiving the highest standard of legal assistance.


we are not like other law firms and we will never aspire to be. What sets us apart is what makes us great! 

We know that you won’t regret partnering us, as our family of satisfied clients will confirm. Choose exceptional service and expertise when you choose EGA!

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